Posture is the alignment of the body at any given time, good posture is paramount to proper health, if posture affects the spine generally, then the spine must be in proper alignment and all cause preserved for any position assumed.

Different posture is assumed by different persons at different point in time but for the sake of this article we’ll talk about three.

Sitting, Standing and Walking.

Sitting: – when sitting in other for the spine to be in proper alignment in relation to other part of the body, maintain an upright posture that’s all angles in sitting position must 90 degree and all joints properly supported.

Standing: – while standing one must ensure that spine is straight in relation to the head and leg, there are several wrong postures which should be avoided when standing for example; hunch back, pushing the pelvic in or out, pushing out the chest etc.

All these wrong postures affects the center of the gravity of the body by and affect the spine in the long run.

Walking: – while walking it’s also necessary to maintain proper alignment of the spine in relation to head and leg the wrong postures .

Mentioned above are to be avoided as well in this part. another important thing to note while walking is the foot wear as it tends to affect the gait (way of walking) enhance comfortable and balance shoes are important. All in all, good posture cannot be over emphasis as all of us at one point in time have to assume one.


the few guidelines mentioned can help shape our posture.