Getting Mobility Equipment and Modifying Your Home


At NRS we will assess the need for mobility equipment and adaptations for your home if you or your loved one is having mobility problems. Mobility aids will make it easier to accomplish daily activities around the home.


Adaptations in the home may include:

  • Handrails and grab rails
  • Ramps for wheelchair access
  • Stair lifts or wheelchair lifts
  • Intercom for answering the door
  • Widening of doorframes to allow for wheelchair access
  • Fall and movement alarms or sensors


A person who is adapting to loss of mobility will go through emotional stages, such as grief and mourning. It is also normal to experience denial, disbelief, sadness and anger before reaching acceptance. Everyone copes differently with these feelings and emotions.


It is important for patients, family members and friends to remember that adapting to a loss of mobility takes time and support.